About Us


Wu Feng Enterprises Co., Ltd

A leading subcontractor for OEM products in Taiwan

From a small machine shop, since 1971, dedicated ourselves to be professional, gradually grows to a big and famous one-stop buying factory for metal products on an OEM basis.

We follow customers' requirement, and deliver shipment in time.

Our major customers include major players for plumbing products, industries, and consumers' products.

We success owing to:
Our service is composed of our dedications to our commitments, to competitive pricing, to product quality, plus our professional expertise.

All services we have provided are customers oriented, so to fulfill customers' maximum extreme satisfaction.

For example, AutoCad and Solid Works are daily used by our engineering people.

Thank you!

Established : June, 1971
Site area:28,000 ㎡
Area of Factory :20,000 ㎡
Business Contact :Chi-Cheng Chen, at sales@wufeng.com.tw
Taiwan, http://www.wufeng.com.tw
Vietnam, http://www.wufeng-sanitation.com

OEM Production Process Flow Chart

O.E.M. Production Process Flow Chart